Emotional Intelligence & Personal Values Coach

( PCC, Certified by International Coach Federation )

As an Emotional Intelligence and Personal Values coach, I love to partner with women, Parents, Teens and Young Adults, towards developing resilience and high Emotional Intelligence to have better relationships, live mindfully and confidentally.

My mission is to Serve with Love. My guiding mantra is I AM ENOUGH. YOU ARE ENOUGH. TOGETHER WE ARE MAGIC !

To thrive, grow, evolve, learn and be joyful is an innate capacity and a birth right of every human. As an Inner Most Shift Coach, I am a certified PCC Coach by International Coach Federation and am a Master Neuro Linguistic Practiotioner. I closely collaborate with you, to become your strategic thought partner that results in raised self awareness and discovery of your personal value system, subconscious patterns and beliefs, to live a life of possibilities and high potential.

My mission is to Serve with Love. My most basic understanding is I AM ENOUGH. YOU ARE ENOUGH. TOGETHER WE ARE MAGIC !

I truly feel and research has proven emotional intelligence is way more important than artificial intelligence or even IQ. Body positivity, awareness and sexuality, developing perspectives for better relationships, increased focus and confidence levels, learning strategies, emotional strength, high self esteem, mindfulness, dealing with peer pressure and a happy meaningful life are just some of the takeaways from our coaching conversations. These conversations are backed with SMART measurable goals created at multiple levels; maintaining relevant physiological states, behaviors and outcomes.

Being a Parent to a young adult, I share my lived wisdom, and have in my arsenal various scientifically proven tools, techniques and methods to help you own your power and achieve clarity. This is an invitation for you to come work with me and co-create the life of your dreams. Cause if you think you can, OR if you think you can’t; You are Right!

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