Power of 20

Power of 20

Have you ever tried to incorporate a new habit or accomplish a task in your day and felt that you didn’t have time? Is not having enough time your excuse for not doing many things? Even when you know that those activities will impact you positively. Well most of the time, it is the time that gets a whack but what lies beneath is the comfort of the comfort zone.

This post is inspired by one of my very dedicated coachee, she who must not be named. Well, she is very diligent and I must say I am so proud that she does the work she commits to. It started with her trying to incorporate a daily habit of journaling for emotion release and self awareness. We decided to keep the writing for only 20 minutes. She took it up and journaling has become a habit that she now loves.

She then decided to start applying the rule of 20 in other areas of her life too. She told herself that she will do that particular task for 20 minutes and voila she has been able to incrementally have a day where she achieves what she really would love to in her day.

So if you think you don’t have time for reading, self care, meditation, walk, journaling, self work, calling up a dear friend or even de cluttering a space, how about telling yourself that all you need is 20 minutes. Become aware of the self talk you tend to give in to when you say you don’t have time. How does it impact your day? How differently would you feel if you could do what you would love to? How about giving that activity just 20 minutes of your time?

Do this and share what happened when you applied this in your day!

Should you love to work with me as your accountability partner, reach out to me.