Be the Butterfly

Change is messy and painful. That could be any change. Know why? Cause the change happens not just at the external level it demands that we evolve too. Our old self that was in the comfort zone even if that zone was of miserability had a level of certainty that gave us false succor. It could be a job or relationship that does not serve you anymore. Hell, it could even be a change that may actually be heralding in a new and better tomorrow. Think, a child moving out for higher education or career progression, getting married or becoming parents, moving cities or countries, changing jobs or even learning a new way of living and lifestyle.

All changes unequivocally demand that we need shed and reorganize our image of old selves and transform into someone we were earlier not familiar with. It not only needs realignment of values and habits, at times it challenges our whole way of showing up in the world.

The resistance to change is of the magnitude that it even instigates us into gaslighting our own selves….at least I have a job, at least my partner supports me financially, all these “at leasts” manifest in our life and make us the minimum guy. Not living or playing to our full potential.

Our chemistry – the body also supports this resistance. Cause actually the body has got used to that chemistry, it is like you have become an addict to that same chemical/hormonal cocktail that is happening in your blood.

Recently some BIG changes are happening in my life and I am observing how I am responding to those. So while there are times when I do sit and grieve the past going by and there are times when I am in celebration of the un-promised uncertain future. The one thing that we all have in our control and/or manage is our reaction to the change. What is it that you are resisting the most? What is it that you have to give up? What is it that you can learn more of? What are the values you need to realign? Think, are you resisting the uncertainty or the learning? How are you being in the awareness of what is it that is arising in you? Are you being the observer of all that is rising or are you swimming in the tide of emotions?

The one thing that is certain though is that change is the only constant.