Question the Normal

Yes what is it that you have normalised in your life? A conversation on a topic led to this sharing by a spouse, “ek thappad hi toh tha”.This is not just a problem at an individual level, this is a whole level of mindset that has been promoted in a patriarchal society. Heck, maybe it was normal in the household that person grew up too and it was OK for the mother to pretend to move on naturally and the scared kids to cower down and not speak up either. This was probably the normal that person had seen in their home or maybe even not. But fed on other multiple narratives in the society/environment/ news/ movies etc this was normalised in the head of the person who indulged in this and then defended saying it is normal.

My invitation to you is to think how are we normalising so many ills in our environment? Beauty standards have been normalised? Men not crying is normal? Women not laughing loud is normal? Girls not stepping out late, wearing what they want is normal? Children should be seen, not heard is normal? Raising your hand on your children to discipline them is normal? Injecting colors in fruits, slathering chemicals on veggies, Moving away from organic farming cause veggies need to be good looking is normal? Body shaming cause it is a joke is normal? Slogging in a job you don’t like is normal? Following your passion is brave (really?!)

My invitation to you is please, let us Question our Normal. Maybe that is not how it should be. Maybe what you think you are tolerating is because you or the society has normalised it, is not normal.

The more you will question, the more you will bring in joy, the more you will accept yourself and others, the less you will judge, the more you will live how you are born to live, authentically!