Emotional Literacy

Emotional Literacy at the Jamia School

Objective: Of the workshop was vocabulary enhancement for the students, combined with an art activity.

Delivery: Me and Saba decided to do something off beat rather than just introduce pottery. And since i feel so passionately about emotional literacy, i suggested we combine emotions and pottery. and what a combination it was. We really had fun delivering it and if the smiles are any indication, the children loved it too.

I always say and feel EI Above AI. it is important to identify, accept, feel and step out of the ever changing landscape of emotions. and the first step in this is to identify correctly what you are feeling and how you are feeling. To assist with this we shared the Emotional Wheel and also did vocab building exercises towards this.

We also shared Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) technique with the students.

I loved the enthusiastic participation of the students and it that they stepped up and forward to interact freely and even sum up the session with their major takeaways.

The session was followed up with pottery and we all had super fun creating things out of clay. From Captain America Logo to Snitch to Samosas to Cricket Pitch to toads and Dinosaurs all got made.

If you would love to book a session on Emotional Literacy for your school do get in touch.