Coach Profile

I am a PCC Certified Coach by International Coach Federation, considered gold standard in coaching, and am a Licensed Master Practitioner of Richard Bandler’s Neuro-Life Programming (NLP) techniques. I am an Emotional Intelligence and Values Coach. I help midlife women to reclaim and rediscover and reclaim their magic and power and parents of introverted teens to strengthen how they communicate and support the quiet child in a loud world.

Mum to an amazing teenager, I have closely seen, observed and felt the joys and agony of being both a parent and a teen.

I completed my training as an InnerMostShift Coach with AlphaStars Academy of Excellence, and have been actively coaching since last 5 years now having completed over 700 hours of coaching. I find coaching as one of the most empowering professions and I love this avatar of mine, where I get to serve, learn and earn at the same time.

Previously I have been engaged in Corporate Communications, including Public Relations, Event Management (within India & Overseas), Content Strategy and Content development. At various points in my career spanning over 2 decades, as full time and a freelancer worked with Encyclopedia Brittannica, idiscoveri, NIIT, Impact Marketing Pvt ltd, Ritu Kumar, Ananda Bazaar Patrika, EdElevate,, JayPee Industries, promoevents, Ashima Graphics and others. I left my full time corporate career when I had a baby and multitaskers that we women are, became a freelancing entrepreneur, full time parent and a full time learner. I am also a pranic, divine and angel healer and practice Non Violent Communication.

As a studio potter and writer I express my creativity through clay, ceramics and developing content. Have showcased in various art exhibitions and conduct workshops at my own Studio CrackPot. I feel that no art form is as close to mindful spirituality as pottery. I firmly believe in healing powers of art and also, when required, use clay as part of my empowerment sessions.

In my passion for serving the society, I have worked as a volunteer with Goonj facilitating donations and with Blind Relief Association (BRA), recording books. With BRA I have contributed for over a decade. As my loving offer I also offer a FREE group session in the schools for students.

Why Must You Have A Coach?

Let me, as is typical of a Coach ask you a question, who wants to have a better tomorrow? Live empowered and in self awareness? Be authentically you and evolve and become who they would love to? If you answered yes to any or all of these, you can invite a coach in your life.

Being a Coach does not mean that now my life is set and I am not touched by the uncertainties or the possibilities, it just means that I have more tools than you and that my turn around time to my centeredness is much lesser. I learn faster and MY COACH ensures I stay the path to what I commit. Yes, even a coach needs a coach. Just like as a doc may need a doc.

So What is Coaching?

 As an InnerMost Shift Coach, I coach you to create shifts in life that are life affirming and serving. My coaching style is not just at the behavioural or outcome level. From there you can fall right back into your patterns. That’s why dieting most of the time doesn’t work. My style of coaching works at your very being. That innermost deep level from where you just naturally do what you would love to do, have, know and become. It is far more than a mindset alteration. It is a shift at all levels; body, mind and spirit.

Coaching is a structured approach with scientifically proven tools and techniques that are designed to lead you to living an empowered life. It is a science as well as art. While you may know all the “gyan”, coaching nudges you towards assimilating that gyan by giving you the “hows”. Coaching Works. And for you it will work If you will commit to work.

Contact Me if you would love to explore this further. No Conditions Apply.