What is Life Coaching?

It is re-discovering who you really are under the beliefs, patterns and perceptions that you have created all around you. It turns you to the magic of you. No one is broken to be fixed. Some of us are merely sleeping to our infinite potential. You are unique and you know what’s the best that will work for you, and that’s exactly what you will discover. You will discover your inner knowing. When you come to me, remember for me, I AM ENOUGH. YOU ARE ENOUGH. TOGETHER WE ARE MAGIC!

When you hire a coach, be prepared to be committed and establish accountability towards the life that you would love to create. Be ready to do the work. Be ready to move out of your zones of comfort. Be ready to break some old self limiting rules and create new empowering ones. Be ready to crash some of your world views. Be ready to embrace life enhancing belief systems. Be ready to adopt new ways of thinking.

In short, Be Ready to Live Life Fully. Coaching Works. If You Do the Work.

Is there a difference between a coach, a healer, counselor and a therapist?

A huge difference, though many people use the term “life coach”. Life Coaches are trained in competencies laid down by International Coach Federation.

A human development tool, coaching is a partnership between the coach and the coachee that leads the coachee to discover insights, gain clarity, improve outlook on life, develop leadership qualities, remain focused, improve relationships and lead an empowered better quality of life.

International Coach Federation defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex environment.

Why should I hire a Coach?

7 Awesome Reasons you Should:

  1. A coach is your confidant and holds sacred space for you to reveal all that is burdening you
  2. A great coach is a great listener, they will listen to what is said and unsaid
  3. A Coach will have YOU as their prime agenda always. Will cheer for you and will kick your butt when required
  4. Will help you clear the mental and emotional clutter and focus on what is serving you
  5. You will get through your life situations either ways. A coach only has scientifically proven tools and techniques that will help you shorten that length of time in going “through”
  6. A coach will empower you to live from the Inside Out and also understand the Outside In
  7. Will help you Gain Clarity, Be More Confident, Happy, Joyous and Successful

Having said that, a coach also needs a coach!

3 Reasons You Should Not

  1. If you find comfort in your discomfort
  2. If you are not ready to DO THE WORK
  3. If you only want to talk about it and DO nothing about it

I hate to ask for help?

Infact you are not “asking” for help, you are only helping your SELF. Cause a coach will only reveal to you what YOU HAVE TO DO.

Don’t you hire “help”? Can you do everything yourself? Do you know how many people have to work well so that you can work well?

A coach “HAS” the tools and techniques and is trained in a manner that they “serve” YOU. No More. No Less.

My life is running well, I don’t have ANY Issues.

Congratulations ! It is really good to hear that.

Coaching is NOT just about handling “issues”. It facilitates you to live so much powerfully and empowered that when and if any issues were to show up, you will know how to deal with them. Life is uncertain and complex, and I say if you are empowered, no breakdown will break you down. That’s important, isn’t it?

In tough situations, your guiding values will sail you through. You prepare for war in peace, right?

What is your style of coaching?

I am an InnerMost Shift Coach, PCC certified by International Coach Federation and a licensed Master Practitioner of NLP by Richard Bandler, co creator of NLP. The techniques and tools i use are all scientifically proven. Actionable and applicable, these tools raise your awareness and allow you to make the desired shift in the chosen direction.

Is it Expensive to hire a Coach?

It is Priceless. Weigh the Values and Session ROIs and the heartache and all that money and energy that it will save you when you work out of your own empowered self. Or when your children display the emotional resilience and do not get swayed or addicted due to peer or social pressures. When they will know what’s right.

So, How Much Does it Cost?

I would say lesser than what you would spend on buying a great outfit for your self or at a birthday party!

To give you an idea, personal one on one Sessions with Me will cost you only Rs. 50,000 for 6 Sessions,, including 5 check in calls and 1 Introductory FREE Ice Breaker Session. The introduction session and agenda fixing will be ABSOLUTELY FREE so that you we don’t spend extra time on knowing each other. And begin the real work from 1st session onwards.

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