Transition Coaching for Teens And Young Adults

Course: Over 6 Sessions
Delivery: In Person or Internet
Location: Global

Change is constant and no change is permanent. Don’t you wish that it was easy to adapt to changes. And what if I tell you, It is!

At most of our transitioning points in life, we just simply become someone and whether we like it or not, then comes challenges and struggles to adapt to the new way of life. You move from school to college, from college to a job, from being unmarried to being married and while some transitions may be smoother than other, some actually require a lot of time for you. What if instead of just becoming someone, you are prepared to adapt to the new role like fish takes to the water. Won’t that cut your learning time? And isn’t that a wonderful way of easing into that role.

Read my experience with a young student who moved from school to an
international univ. It was a well planned move and the entire family had taken the plunge after much deliberation. The student came back because he “could not cope up, emotionally.” Isn’t that a lost opportunity and a setback? When he came to me he was feeling very guilty and sad since parents had invested so much. A couple of sessions raised his awareness to what he truly wanted and loved to be. I see him doing very well today and he has become the kind of person that will always grow where ever he is planted. He began to trust his wings more than the branch of the tree.

Same kind of issues are faced by professionals on moving jobs, or getting into a better role, or a young girl that gets married. We don’t realize it we become comfortable in our discomfort. Think what is it costing you to live in this comfort? What are your benefits of remaining here? We shrug and call them “teething” problems, till it starts to affect us so much that we have to get that tooth extracted. You know, some of us will go through and come out of it. Some of us may break and backtrack. While others will simply make that learning curve shorter and thrive. Become that person who thrives.

Let me Coach you to:

  • Learning Quickly and Easily
  • Adapting to the New Environment
  • Discovery of your Own New Unique Values and Actioning them
  • Work-Life, Work-Self Balance
  • Dealing Effectively with Peer and Social Pressure
  • Art of Mindfulness

Great Package for:

Students going abroad

Students getting into college from high school

Transitioning Jobs

Young Couples looking to get married