Conscious Parenting

Course : Over 6 Sessions
Delivery: In Person or Internet
Location: Global

We get married and we “become” parents. Whether or not it is a planed pregnancy, are we really ready and prepared to welcome a new life and care for it? Do you know that little ones are sponges and till age 7 they soak in everything. Your voice and what you tell them becomes their inner voice.

Ofcourse, we as parents are well intentioned. However, that is not enough. Our children are our mirrors, and seen thus there is a HUGE developmental opportunity for us parents.

Have you ever realised that while as a parent you are always living in fear of the child’s future, all they want to do is enjoy the NOW.
We at times are guilty of smothering them not mothering them. Whether we want or not, there are times we keep projecting our aspirations and fears onto them, isn’t it? I have been guilty too…and I can say I am evolving and bringing in more mindfulness and non-judgemental approach in my relationship.

It does not mean that you abandon your parental practices or don’t age appropriate their learning or allow unsafe and inappropriate behavior. It just means that you bring in more empathy, understanding and mindfulness in the relationship. This allows you to really nurture your child towards positive growth and resilience. Its a shift from power parenting to relational parenting.

Let me share an experience with you, During one of my group sessions with 15 year olds, I realized that the worst stress the children were going through is because of peer pressure and parental expectations. Infact in that session it was also revealed that 5 out of 50 students were actually clinically depressed.

Do you as a parent think teenage is the most difficult phase of life. Have you ever paused and thought what about it makes your bundle of joy a bundle of nerves? I did. As a parent to a teen I had started to feel all sorts of crazy in responding to him, and losing my center. You know what I did? I went ahead and worked on myself. I did deep inner work, and as a result I started to become a conscious parent to my teen and a partner to my husband. Like everyone, I am a work in progress and I am happy living a life that I have fallen in love with again. I gained deep acceptance of self, started loving myself more and being kind to me, and have never slipped into a victim mode ever after. A lot shifted, a lot was let IN and a lot was resolved.

Do you want to become a conscious parent and a conscious partner? Do you want to ease your child’s transition from being a baby to a teen and a teen to an adult? What do you see happening around you, once you achieve this? Who will you evolve and emerge as?

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This program will enable you to:

  • Understand your teen or child better. Develop Perspective
  • Self Love – Accepting and Loving your Self
  • Better Communication and impact of language
  • Value-based Parenting
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Break your UnProductive Patterns

Great Program for:

Young New Mums

Mums to Teens