Mindfulness Through Pottery

Course: Sessions as you like, 1 to many

Location: New Delhi

Pottery for me is closest to spirituality. Of being in the energy of the creator and falling in love with each piece. Being a potter has brought me closer to life, I know how important it is to remain centered. And start to work from there. You can not start to pull or shape a piece if it is not centered. Likewise in life, out of center becomes chaos.

I find pottery encourages deep mindfulness. The clay and the potter become one. The heart, head and hands are perfectly aligned and doing the same thing. A potter understands well that what emerges out of him is his and not his.

Another beautiful thing that I have learnt is the art of failing and beauty in uncertaininty. Most pieces come out as if they have a mind of their own. We do not know how the kiln gods will behave on the pieces. We create and surrender to the kiln’s will and if we fail we take it as a feedback and create some more. No One Fails.

All of these lessons themselves are priceless and creating something out of nothing is blissful. What is not to love?

I offer Mindful Pottery as a unique program to anyone who appreciates and knows that art and handmade is pricless. You can choose 1 or many sessions and come get claying with Me.

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As Art Therapy