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Our life is simply put a reflection of our thoughts, actions and words. It is my life long endeavor to align these at every moment and stay present to myself and life happening within and around me.

I have come to realize and believe that Emotional Intelligence OVER Artificial Intelligence is the way forward. My vision is to create a course for students that will teach them, emotional resilience, mindfulness, learners mindset, and that happiness is an inside job. And that a life lived with passion and purpose will return you to your bliss and joy. And that each one of us is innately gifted with hope and joy. And that it is possible to develop this quality as a powerful muscle. I don’t know as yet how I will achieve my vision and I am sure this is but a small step.

And in my programs I share with you “HOW” to achieve this.
My programs are rooted in my belief that YOU ARE ENOUGH. I AM ENOUGH. TOGETHER WE ARE MAGIC.

Come lets create this Magic NOW.

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