Emotional Resilience for Teens & Young Adults

UnHook – Free From Stress/Anxiety/Depression
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While most of us put up happy fronts, are we really happy? What does happiness mean to you? Are they always looking out for pleasure and mistaking it as their next stop to being happy? If your teen is filling up their time with gaming, immersed in smart phones, and ignoring their well being by getting into addictive patterns. It is time to sit up and think, are they looking for shortcuts to being pleasured to avoid the system stresses that have taken over? Are they always looking “out” for a way out and living in a paradigm of if and then… If I win this PS4 game then I will be happy, if I buy that new phone then I will be happy. This as you know is a dangerous way of living. You do understand that happiness and joy is a state of being? It is accessible right within you and you can train yourself to get there.

Consider this case where a distressed parent called me for their son who was suffering extreme anxiety cause of body image and peer pressure. It doesn’t seem right and it isn’t. Life itself is a gift and we need to live each moment knowing our value, understanding our true purpose and living it fully. Our bodies are created by the Master Designer and can that Master designer create anything but a master piece. Self love is where it all begins.

You know it and the statistics are alarmingly rising with each day of people
suffering with anxiety, depression and even suicide. Most of the times the
problem lies within and can be avoided in time if you work on your inner self as well as align your actions in the outer environment.

Prepare for war in peace, create an earthquake resistant building before the earthquake and empower and love your self before that dreaded wake up call. Be prepared that whatever comes your way, you are able to handle it.

While you do give them your best, consider giving them this best gift of self
empowerment. As you know the importance of being emotionally resilient,
mentally agile, managing stress and taking action, allow them to work with me as their partner in growth. It’s a gift that will keep on giving.

Let me Coach your teen to:

*Body Consciousness
*Body-Mind-Spirit Totality
*Mindfulness – Your Power in the Now
*Handling Peer Pressure
*Stress Management
*Unhook from any past traumas or negative memories
*Enhanced Learning Capability

Great Package for:
Teens and Adults looking to Empowered Living