Leadership and Values for Teens & Young Adults

Group Coaching Session in progress

Duration: Over 6 Sessions
Delivery: In Person or Internet
Location: Global

Life is uncertain and complex, yes! And life is also full of possibilities.
As you are reading this, think are you preparing your child for both? Is your teen empowered enough to handle the curveballs that will come their way? From school and academic performance stress to handling relationships and peer pressure …it can get overwhelming.

Are they prepared enough to grab the right opportunity that shows up?
While you do give them your best, consider giving them this best gift of self
empowerment. As you know the importance of being emotionally resilient,
mentally agile, managing stress and taking action, allow them to work with me as their partner in growth. It’s a gift that will keep on giving.

Let me Coach your teen to:

*Mind-Body Connection
*Emotional Resilience: Understanding Emotions
*Leaders are Deep Listeners
*Develop Perspective in Relationships
*Being More Confident
*Balance Work and Play
*Uncover Learning Strategies – For Quick learning
*Vision Board
*Effective Goal Setting

Case Study

A teen girl, in class 9th wants to be a badminton player and it is her
vision to play for the country. Parents are very understanding and while they do encourage her to play they don’t want her studies to suffer. She is torn between the two situations and that resulted in a compulsive habit of pulling her hair so much so that it has become a “painful” issue. When they came to me, all I did was ask some questions to the young girl and by the end of just one session, she got an insight on parents perspective and action plan as to how she will balance both, her studies as well as her badminton. Amazing isn’t it? Today, she is playing badminton and also not doing it at the cost of either/or.

My best reward was when she went back and told her mom, “I didn’t think
coaching will be so much fun.”

My understanding is that when you do ask yourself some relevant questions, it can open new vistas of thinking and living. You have it all within you, the answers are all there, YOU KNOW what will work for you. As your partner in this journey all I do is hold you in that safe space and present to yourself, and lovingly be that catalyst.

Great Package for
Teens and Young Adults looking to amp their Emotional Intelligence Game and Emerge Self Empowered Leaders