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Emotional Intelligence – Being Resilient:

Key Takeaways-

  1. Undersatnding what are emotions
  2. How to honour and feel your feelings
  3. Why is it important to know and label your emotions correctly
  4. How to manage your emotional state
  5. Tools and Techniques for better management

Stress Management

Key Takeaways

  1. What is Stress and why are we so stressed most of the times
  2. What can we do to remain in Parasympatheitc system Vs Symapthetic System
  3. How remaining in stress can hamper you in your relationships, at work and as a person
  4. How to Step Out of Stress and Remain Productive
  5. Tools and Techniques to Step Out

Learn How to Meditate

Key Takeaways

  1. Busting myths around Meditation
  2. Meditation is a State and how to carry that state off the mat
  3. Neuroscience and Meditation – Brain waves
  4. Meditation and Mindfullness
  5. Guided Meditation

Conscious Parenting – A journey From Becoming to Be ing a Praent

Key Takeaways

  1. what is Conscious/Mindful Parenting
  2. Why do we need to learn how to parent
  3. How does it impact our relationship with our children
  4. How to raise Resilient kids
  5. What are some of the ways you can remain Conscious/Mindf

Panel Discussion for Women Economic Forum, WICCI

In the panel at women economic forum, i spoke about how coaching can help women in the mid age live a purposeful and happy life. Having lived a life of multiple roles over the years, the true identity and authencity somewhat lies forgotten and layered. The mid ages can be a time of great freedom and acceptance and re-membering who you really are and what you really want. And i have seen these transformations up close and personal with myself and my awesome clients.

Mindfulness and Transformation

Invited to speak on Mothers Day, 9th May 2022 by Neelu Sinha of Prakhar Goonj, the Publication House for their Book Launch Ceremony.

It was a privilege to speak to an audience of writers and creative ignited minds.

Some Glimpses from the Past Workshops

How to be a Time Wiz’ organised by AIESEC Chennai. Grateful to have been invited as a keynote Speaker. Attended by over 100 students, it was a pleasure to introduce and share the understanding of time and self management

Nurturing the Inner Child

Interactive and engaging workshop on Nurturing the Child Within. 

Inner Child Workshop

Conscious Parenting

Co-Facilitated an interesting workshop on Parenting. i have personally benefitted so much with coaching and i know it is life enhancing and transformative. It is sheer joy to share with fellow parents the skills that can be developed to become a better version of ourselves. And there is no place that you arrive at, it is but a journey of love.

Conscious Parenting

Reset. Reboot. Rejuvenate

Mind Body Soul workshop cofacilitated with Shiivaani. Simple and powerful DIY Tools

How to Meditate

So everybody says Meditate, but really what does it mean? how to meditate? whats a good time to meditate? how to sit while meditating? does mind really go blank and thoughless when meditating? Who am I truly? How can i find myself? How do i remain centered?

I have been a regular meditator. And have been asked the above questions many times over. This Shivratri, i had a “how to meditate”session that included an interaction on the nature of Shiva essence, duality, wholeness and honoring the self completely and wholly.

Intention, Visualization and Goal Setting for the Upcoming Year

Protsahan India Foundation Had a lovely session on setting the intention, developing the vision and visualising the coming year with goals and actions, followed with clay building.

A blend of NLP techniques and clay. Had gone with the intention of joyfully sharing some of what i have learnt and came back with loads of learning and heart full of happiness.

Though the session was for older girls 9th upwards, the little ones from the other room started peeping out of their class when clay began and then also joined in, bringing in their own creativity and adding some mirrors and googly eyes to forms. Such fun!


Concept Note: How to Remain Motivated & Beat that Exam Stress

To say that a well prepared student will not feel stress is like saying that since I know driving, traffic doesn’t give me stress. Stress – is a natural response of the body in any event of excitement or an unknown situation. However, what differentiates is our unique response to it. What we do in spite of the stress and how we handle our responses determines how we fare in any exam of life.

Class Xth and XIIth students go through major stresses/transitions as students and humans. If they can handle these better, needless to say they will perform better, transition well, and raise their Happiness Quotient. Studies and researches point out that teens is a crucial stage and many students do fall back due to peer pressure, notions of success, and can easily slip into depression and suicidal tendencies.

We all know this and do keep telling all of this to our children, but I feel just telling them is only half the story, sharing with them the hows of it more often than not empower them in a strong way.

Major Take Aways of the Session:

1.      The Body-Mind Connection

2.      How to Maintain your State of Motivation

3.      Increase Productivity

4.      Create Winning Goals

5.      How you Define Your Success

6.      Stress Management

7.      Mindfulness

Duration: 1 hour approx


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